The European Medicines Agency

Within the European Union, all cancer drugs need to be approved by the European Medicines Agency. However, the availability and price of each cancer drug may vary from country to country.

Cancer treatments approved in Europe

By clicking on the links below you will leave our website and will be transferred to the website of the European Medicines Agency. Look for your cancer type (if you do not know the exact medical term you may ask your doctor) to find which medicines are authorised by the European Medicines Agency. To find if a particular medicine is reimbursed in your country, please check the National Medicines Organisation website. Please print out this information and discuss with your doctor.

Adrenal cortex neoplasms (adrenal cortex cancer)

Breast neoplasms (breast cancer)

Carcinoma, basal cell

Carcinoma, non-small-cell lung

Carcinoma, small cell lung

Carcinoma, renal cell

Carcinoma, hepatocellular

Cervical neoplasms (cervical cancer)

Colonic neoplasms (colon cancer)

Colorectal neoplasms (colorectal cancer)

Hodgkin disease

Gastric adenocarcinoma

Gastrointestinal stromal tumours


Leukemia, lymphocytic, chronic, B-Cell

Leukemia, myeloid

Meningeal neoplasms



Multiple myeloma

Ovarian neoplasms (ovarian cancer)

Pancreatic neoplasms (pancreatic cancer)

Parathyroid neoplasms

Prostatic neoplasms (prostate cancer)

Stomach neoplasms (stomach cancer)

Sarcoma, renal-cell sarcoma (renal-cell carcinoma)

Sarcoma, Kaposi's (Kaposi sarcoma)

Thyroid neoplasms (thyroid cancer)